Stefano Daza Arango

Posted on June 11 2018


A new campaign to trade in guns for rescue dogs has started to go viral on the internet. The new initiative is called Adopt Rescue, and it has teamed up with gun buyback programs across the US to swap guns for a discount of up to $200 on adoption fees. 

According to the Adopt Rescue founders, homes with dogs are less burglarized than those without. A heightened sense of hearing and smelling makes a dog a great security asset for those who are looking to keep their families save. 

Approximately 3.9 million dogs are taken into shelters nationwide every year. Adopt Rescue's mission to give these pups homes while also reducing the number of guns in homes is an admirable cause. If you'd like to support their project, check out their GoFundMe link here and use #AdoptRescue on social media.

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