10% of our net profits are allocated towards filming our own documentaries that raise awareness about key conservation issues worldwide.

Earth is amazing. It’s filled with mysteries, magical creatures, and dream-like landscapes. Our planet is unique, the only one with life in our known universe, and it’s our obligation to protect it.

We at Zeyba are Earth's first line of defense. We know that we find ourselves at a decisive moment; a moment in which we still see hope for humanity.

For these reasons, we take the issue of conservation very personally. Every single piece you buy from us - whether it’d be online, in a store, or at a festival - supports our cause. A percentage of our profits is allocated towards our own conservation and awareness projects.

There's so much we have to do to help our planet, and we invite you to be part of this story. When you rep Zeyba you are repping nature.

Stay tuned. Stay Wild.