Local Projects

The Durand Beach Cleanup


On August 16, 2020, Zeyba teamed up with the City of Rochester and the Seneca Park Zoo to host a beach cleanup at Durand Eastman Beach. In less than 2 hours, over 75 volunteers from the local community braved the early rain to help pick up more than 1,120 pounds of trash from a 5,000 foot long stretch of beach!

Volunteers were divided into 4 groups that competed to see who could pick up the most trash. The Red Team came out victorious, picking up a whopping 450 pounds of trash, and taking home gifts donated from 11 of Rochester's most iconic shops and restaurants! And while the event was fun for everyone who participated, it was also an awesome feat that hopes to inspire much more needed local environmental action and leadership.

Tires, tables broken bottles, needles and countless cigarette butts were some of the litter that was found and disposed of by volunteers. These items not only pollute the ecosystems of Durand Eastman Park, but they also pose health dangers to the thousands of Rochestarians who visit every week. Many of the city's other parks face similar problems. Fortunately, on this day the community demonstrated that it is willing to step up for the environment and to help the l keep Rochester beautiful and clean. We at Zeyba can't wait to see what's next.