Who we are

Our Mission

To build an eco-friendly company that inspires individuals through nature, facilitates a sustainable lifestyle, and supports the conservation of all wild things.


What We Do

Zeyba is an eco-friendly streetwear brand with artistic, nature-inspired products.   

10% of our net profits are allocated towards funding our own conservation projects that raise awareness about key issues and make a measurable impact.

The Collections

Our products come in collections, each focusing on a specific nature theme (ecosystem, animal, plant, anything!) We collaborate with talented artists from around the world and design stylish, original collections that look great and give back to the planet.


Our Team

Stefano Daza Arango


Chief Executive Officer 

Stefano was born in Venezuela and migrated to Canada as a refugee when he was six. He spent his summers camping and canoeing in northern Ontario, where he first found his love of nature and wildlife. In 2018, he graduated with a degree in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Rochester. Stefano is very passionate about nature conservation and environmental sustainability and loves to travel and explore the world's wild places, especially South America and Africa.