At Zeyba, we seek to foster a diverse community of eco-leaders and empower them with the necessary resources to be effective change makers. To address the most pressing environmental issues of our time, we must leverage and support the creativity and talent found within our own communities. This means investing in our students, our artists, our peers and our neighbors who want to enact impactful initiatives to make our city greener and keep our planet healthy and wild.


The ZEYBA GRANT Initiative

In 2020, Zeyba will offer “ZEYBA GRANTS” of $1,000.00 each to different applicants in the “Zeyba Gang" for the purpose of funding, developing, and implementing feasible projects that tackle environmental issues or promote positive environmentalism in some regard. “ZEYBA GRANTS” will help unleash the creativity, passion potential found in our communities  necessary to solve our sustainability and climate problems. We are seeking creative and innovative projects with measurable impacts to address any number of general issues.

Possible project categories can include (but aren’t limited to):

  • SCIENCE + ENGINEERING: for applicants interested in researching and/or developing a sustainability/conservation related project in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Possible projects could include: developing sustainable alternatives to current products/systems, monitoring local ecosystems and wildlife populations, reducing energy/water consumption or waste.
  • ARTS + DESIGN: for applicants who wish to inspire positive environmentalism in the community and local culture through performance and art. Possible projects could include: exhibiting nature-focused art at a local gallery, filming a short nature/wildlife documentary, or putting on a school/community performance that addresses sustainability/climate issues. 
  • COMMUNITY: for applicants seeking to implement initiatives that make the local community greener and more environmentally conscious. Possible projects could include: creating a neighborhood vegetable garden, organizing a community tree planting event, replacing conventional lightbulbs in school building with energy efficient bulbs, or organizing park/river clean ups.   
  • ADVOCACY: for applicants seeking to stimulate activism, environmental literacy, and behavior changes in the community. Possible projects could include: creating environmental organizations at school, organizing a climate strike on campus, or inviting guest speakers to give climate-related speeches at schools or communities.

In addition to the cash grant, the winners will also receive a Zeyba product of their choice, and their projects will be promoted on local news stations, as well as Zeyba social media accounts and website.



  1. Join the Zeyba Gang! Show your support by following Zeyba on Facebook and Instagram (@ZeybaApparel) and shopping your favorites from our available collections online. Applicants will be required to provide an purchase order number in their application form to be considered for funding.
  2. Complete the application form! Carefully review and fill out the “ZEYBA GRANT” application form, which can be found here!
  3. Share your project on Instagram & Facebook! We want to see how excited you are to bring your project to life. Post a picture on Instagram and/or Facebook in your new Zeyba gear and a caption explaining your project and why you deserve to win $1,000. Make sure to tag us (@ZeybaApparel) and include the hashtags #ZeybaGang and #ZeybaGrants.
  4. Receive funding & start your project! Proposals from applicants that are determined to be viable will receive feedback from us, and winners will be notified through email and announced on our social media.
  5. Share your success with the Zeyba Gang! Winners will write a short blog post at the beginning, halfway mark, and completion of their project updating the Zeyba Gang about the progress, achievements, and impact made. The blogs will be published on our social media and website for the community to see! 

There is no limit to the number of applicants who can apply for ZEYBA GRANTS, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow two weeks for us to respond to your application. Applications are open until August 31, 2020. 



ZEYBA GRANTS are available to all US residents, ages 16 and older. Only one application per person is allowed. Applicants must fill the application form and present proof of purchase (purchase number) from Zeyba. To be considered for funding, your project must include the following:

  • PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION: You must identify the environmental/sustainability problem(s) or issue(s) addressed by your project. These can be precise issues like waste or energy consumption, or they can be more abstract problems like the lack of awareness around an environmental issue
  • SOLUTION & MEASUREMENT PLAN: Propose a smart and feasible solution! Precisely explain how you will use $1,000.00 to solve the problem(s) you recognized. You must also include a plan for measuring the effect(s) and success of your project in relationship with the environmental/sustainability problem(s) your project seeks to address.
  • TEAM EXPERTISE: You (and your team members, if applicable) must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to execute the proposed project in its entirety. For example, you (or a member of your team) must have experience as an architect if your project involves sitting a structure on the outside of a building. The project leader(s) must be the lead implementers of the grant, carrying out the majority of the project and possessing a working knowledge of all aspects. They must also be responsible for staying in communication with Zeyba and submitting progress posts. Students are highly suggested, but not required, to work with staff or faculty from their school that can act as an advisor throughout the duration of the project.
  • SUPPORTING MATERIALS & RESEARCH: You should have researched your project thoroughly so that, if it is awarded, you can begin immediately. If your project relies on having permission to collaborate with another entity, you must include a letter of support from the affiliated people, departments, or institutions. For example, if you want to implement campus wide recycling, you must include a letter of support from the appropriate university personnel indicating that the project can be carried out and and is doable/appropriate.